This page will have resources related to COMMUNITY RELATIONS. It includes
  • experiences from within the Auroville bioregion community of practice
  • lessons from external groups / people
  • articles, manuals, documents, reports
  • websites, videos

I want to share this initiative from Enspiral in New Zealand-a new online tool for collaborative decision-making called Loomio that I think our group would find useful. Loomio makes it easy for groups to build shared understanding and make good decisions without needing to be in the same place at the same time.

I think it would be great to have a way of getting decisions made between meetings without a mountain of emails. For example on what to do next with regards to enterprise support services or organising a TEDx Auroville event.You can see how it works here:

Loomio is being developed at the Enspiral social enterprise collective in Wellington, New Zealand. It’s currently invite-only, but they’ve given us the opportunity to come on board as a learning partner group. If you agree , I'm going to send out email invites soon so we can get up and running.