Business Ideas for Auroville Bioregion

Table of Contents

Overview of business ideas floating around
value proposition
customer segment
social security
health, pension for all
Auroville & bioregion residents
40 k/m
fish shop

rural BPO


loud speakers


Social Security model based on Consumer expenses (CLICK to see the Excel sheet with calculations)
>>see HERE the pdf version of the social security model for Auroville and the surrounding villages
From Pradeep's mail of Aug 10:
a) It is true that products / services targeting markets outside Auroville will not be a part of this, as it will not have any local consumer base.
b) Yes AVAG and Pitchandi SHGs would be ideal, as they serve the local market. I stressed the need to divide products among supplier groups, for 3 reasons;
i) the supplier can focus on one or two products, so he would not have to block capital in a wide range of items;
ii) Investing in one or two products in bulk leads to higher margins, hence higher discounts can be given by them;
iii) there is interdependency in the model, as even the supplier of one product will be the consumer of some other supplier's product. You can plan this later too.
c) Yes, existing SHG Membership IDs and AV Account Numbers can be used for the model.
d) I have attached a new sheet called 'Auroville SS Potential' to your Excel file. Please take a look at it (attached) and change figures (in yellow cells) as you deem fit. You will find the number of families required for break even coming up automatically.
e) You do not need to set up a separate wholesale unit to facilitate sales and purchases. You can actually display a board on the seller's shop, saying that this shop is part of AUROSS, and agreed contribution is X%. For those groups who do not have a retail outlet, you can route their products through Pour Tous.
f) Since you have both suppliers and consumers with IDs in place, you do not need to do the consumption survey. All you need is the following:
i) Start having agreements with suppliers, and listing them on your suppliers list. Put the list up on your website.
ii) Then spread the word among all consumers, about the benefits of using their IDs while purchasing anything from those suppliers, and maintaining bills (if required).
iii)The suppliers can be given Registers to record all sales to the Members (Date, Member ID, Amount).
iv)Every Month, the Coordinator can collect the agreed % from the suppliers and deposit in the Social Security fund.
v) The sale transactions need to be entered into a database, so that Monthly purchases and Social Security collections per member are computed automatically. Member-wise Social Security collections can be displayed on the website, so that more people are encouraged.
vi) Steps iii) and iv) can be automated, if your have Electronic sales registers (as they have in Supermarkets). In that case, you just need to copy the data from the machine to your database every month.
g) You can decide to setup a Micro Insurance for your members or tie up with Insurance Cos for the same.