Meeting notes (latest on top)

Notes of Auroconnect meet Snehal + Gijs June 28. Sorry not cleaned up yet...

added 2 potential new members: Gopi and Vijilakshmi (let me know if this sounds interesting to you at all!).
Next meet Thursday 2 pm July 5 @ Auroconnect (all welcome!)
Event ideas:
Gopi movies :
*health (forest medicine)
*Waste : combine + Ribhu garbology , Kuldeep B'lore , Gopi wastebin movie

MANGO FESTIVAL -cum- Thematic evening
*participants minimum 15*
standard poster with all activities: evening get togethers , co-working office , product exhibition , movies

Auronet: post as AVAG?
N & N: update, E-mail list + reminder by sms: reply to mail RSVP

Opportunity board: everything we get by mail
-start with

Examples of social enterprises:
-Mithikul fridge
-Snehal: banana fibre textiles & pads, -cheap pads guy Coimbatore (Bernard August)
-Snehal: I-grow app for urban permaculture + user community
-Cocoon organic textiles + education support
-Tip4 Change

For product exhibit @ Kofibar: glass frames Rene? Kangaian carpenter (quote for display)
sign in front of Kofibar

Webly site + RSS
Rs 800

POtential particiapnts:


Box system
- enterpreneurs
- service professionals

Mobilising local enterpreneurs & service professionals
Go round with a drum in nearby villages (ask Anbu, Morris for help)?
ask UnLtd: ???? Sarah ????

Bombay connect: manual / guidelines?
theoretic framework

4 Phases of startup venture development
-customer discovery
-cust validation
-cust creation

each phase different support needed. can tailor services + explain to service providers

How to filter out the ideas that are going to stick? Gijs: assumption = by using the 4 step frame -then only those with a proven market will pass through...

May 5, 2012 -> see also the VISUAL NOTES HERE offerneeds.jpg

Apart from having had a really good and productive time I would also invite all of us to celebrate our first stepping stones and achievements:
  • we've got a space and initial infrastructure, yeah!!! thanks Snehal
  • the floor is put, thx Gijs, Snehal and all the others who gave material and volunteered their time and sweat!!!
  • Matt and Julia are building some desks to get us started - awesome!!
  • Snehal, Raj and myself offered to get us started for May in terms of hosting the space!
  • we have a list of team members willing to treat this as their community enterprise start-up. Thank you Snehal, Raj, Gijs, Anbu, Morris, Aran, Jerry, Amir, Gagan and Wiebke. Anyone else who wants to make this happen, pls let us know so we can invite you to the regular team meetings!
  • we also got not just a list of the first AuroConnect members (also on the notes) but the contributions of the first 11 members for the months of May, yeppeah!!! Thank you all!!
  • And we agreed on regular team meetings on Saturdays 3 pm at AuroConnect

Am really proud to be part of this.
Luv to you all,